Energy Independence
One Roof at a Time

Solar Power is within the Reach of Everyone. It is Affordable, Reliable, and Cost Effective

If you live in Las Vegas you have a great opportunity to take advantage of solar power. Some people think that installing solar panels for their home or business isn’t worth the trouble; but note these facts: Solar will reduce your utility bills and help save the planet. Costs for solar panels can be reduced through cash back rebates -- Act Now to take advantage of Solar Rebates.

Why work with American Patriot Solar Community for your solar panel installation? We bring knowledge and experience that assure you of a successful installation. We stand behind every installation with 100% service and support. You will never need to worry; our experienced solar specialists will guide you to a quality solar installation that will soon pay for itself, then deliver free energy! Speak to one of our Solar Energy Consultants to find a wealth of information on federal, state and municipal incentive programs for the purchase of a solar energy system.

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